Design studio Alicante | Ivory & Grace
  • Great news for all the brides in Alicante. We are opening a new bridal design studio here.

    With 20 years of experience in creating custom made bridal gowns, Erene will bring the essence of Ivory & Grace to Alicante.

    Design Your Own Dress:


    Here with the help of our head designer, you can design your perfect dream dress for wedding or special occasion!

    This is for you if you are bursting with ideas and have a clear picture of what your unique dream dress looks like. Together with us, you design your own exclusive dress, just the way you want it. You will get to work with the designer who will personally assist you throughout the design process. When designing your own dress, the options are endless. You choose, style, silhouette, material, lace, cuts, sleeves, fit, buttons, skirt and so on right down to the detail level. We advise you on design, construction possibilities and adjust the fit according to your body shape and your wishes.

    It is an exciting, creative and unique process ahead of you!

    About The Designer:


    Erene – the founder and mastermind behind Ivory & Grace. She started the brand in 2003 in London and expanded the success story to Sweden – Gothenburg in 2015.

    However, her experience in sewing and design extends much further than that. Her professional passion lies in creating the perfect design and fit for each unique person. She has the ability to create a wedding dress that will make the most uncomfortable bride sparkle.

    Today Erene travels between our showroom in Göteborg and the design studio in Alicante where she is based.

    How It Works:

    1. Email your vision for the wedding/special occasion, inspirational photos to

    2. We will setup an initial online meeting

    3. Appointment at Ivory & Grace Design Studio Alicante with the designer

    4. 2-3 Fittings are needed to make your dream dress perfect

    How much it costs:

    Cost starts from 2500 euros, all inclusive. You will receive an accurate quotation at the design meeting.